Drone technology is on the rise. Aquila Ecology tries to use drones in a positive way, to improve ecological research. Commissioned by RVO, Aquila Ecology researched the possibility of flying low over the vegetation with drones and using it to take detailed photos of the vegetation. The biggest challenge is getting the drone to follow terrain elevation, avoid obstacles, and deal with tall, thin antennas that the sensors have a hard time picking up. That is why we developed, among other things, an image recognition model that can 'see' with a high degree of certainty whether a thin blade is close to the camera. The technical possibility of doing vegetation research with drones at low altitudes is certainly present. The conclusion is that this will still require quite a bit of development. In part, this is a development that is already underway in the drone market: sensors are slowly improving and AI in the drone itself is also on the rise. In part, it is development that we hope Aquila Ecology can achieve itself. For example, building in an AI model to avoid antennas.