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Software developed by Aquila Ecology combines the power of artificial intelligence with high-end recording equipment. By using automated recording equipment and innovative algorithms for the automatic analysis of the data, we can monitor bats in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Ecological importance

The importance of bat monitoring cannot be underestimated. As indicators of ecosystem quality, bats play a crucial role in maintaining ecological balance and regulating insect populations. By distinguishing the different species and monitoring their occurrence and distribution, site managers can take targeted measures to protect and preserve their habitats.


By using innovative methods such as Batloggers and Audiomoths, we can monitor locations for months and collect large data sets. The software we developed then makes automatic analyzes of this data, resulting in a highly efficient and budget-friendly approach to bat monitoring. This automated approach allows us to process large amounts of data and gain accurate insights into the occurrence of which species, the general presence and absence and distribution of bats.

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