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Aquila Ecologie provides monitoring of vegetation that is many times more efficient than classic vegetation recordings. In the field we take hundreds or thousands of photos, which are cut up by the software. The plant species shown in the photo are automatically recognised. This can produce a very extensive dataset in a short time.

Collect images

Aquila Ecology offers different solutions for collecting the images, depending on the situation. In many cases, a field worker with a high-resolution camera will take the images. However, this can also be done with a drone or another customized solution. The images are automatically provided with a GPS location, which is read by the software.


Using a technology specially developed for this purpose, we can take photos of roadsides from a vehicle traveling at 80 km/h, which are analyzed by AI. This makes it possible to inventory hundreds of kilometers of roadsides at low cost. This makes it easy to map large species such as Japanese knotweed, Giant Hogweed and Ragwort. With customization it is also possible to inventory smaller species.

Vegetation in dune valleys


The method of Aquila Ecologie is unique, because a very extensive dataset can be generated in a relatively short time. In addition, the data is completely objective, where a field worker can have a stronger focus on or more experience with certain species. Aquila Ecologie can use the generated data to calculate all kinds of indices such as Ellenberg values, biodiversity, suitability for insects, etc.

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