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Distinguishing locusts (and crickets) in research and SNL monitoring is often a challenge. To enhance the quality of research into this species group, Aquila Ecology has developed software to distinguish the species based on sound. The recognition has a very high accuracy, because we use our own, powerful algorithm. All predictions can be checked manually afterwards.

SNL count

Aquila Ecology can automatically analyze a sound recording, for example collected during an SNL insect monitoring. Aquila Ecology also has the expertise to check the sound recordings for incorrect determinations. This allows an accurate determination of the occurrence of locusts and crickets to be made at low cost.


In addition to SNL counts, Aquila Ecology can also carry out or support scientific research into locusts. With our technique we can measure changes or differences in locust fauna much more accurately in less time compared to classical methods. By automatically analyzing recordings for days to months, it is possible to compile very extensive datasets that greatly improve the quality of the research.

Android app

The AI ​​model that can recognize locusts based on sound has been built into a free Android app by Aquila Ecology. We do this to make locusts more known, to facilitate their identification and thus contribute to the protection of this species group. CrickIt is available via the Google Play store:

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