Ecological research with eco-scanning

Discover the possibilities of Aquila Ecology: sustainable solutions for a better future. On this page we offer an overview of our various services and expertise in the field of ecology. Whether it concerns ecological research, nature management or advice on sustainable development, at Aquila Ecologie we find the right solution that fits your needs. Learn more about how we can work together to preserve and restore the environment.






Custom Made


Aquila Ecology's mission is to improve ecological research with modern technology. Aquila Ecologie offers strong solutions, especially in the field of Artificial Intelligence. The focus is not on technology, but on the ecological question. Each issue has its own challenges. That is why we look at which approach and which technique fits the issue, not the other way around. We are honest about what is not possible and especially enthusiastic about what is possible.


Aquila Ecologie provides ecological research, in particular monitoring, in which we apply innovative technology. We develop the software that we use to conduct research more efficiently and at a lower cost. This means that we provide customization if necessary, even if software has to be adapted or developed for this. It also means that we know how the data is generated and how we can best interpret it.

End to end service

Aquila Ecologie has the knowledge to provide research from A to Z. We collect data such as images or sounds, process it with AI into a dataset, analyze this dataset and report the findings. Of course it is also possible to have only a part of this carried out by Aquila Ecologie. It is also possible to analyze generated data sets, which are sometimes very extensive, with Artificial Intelligence.

For nature managers

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