With a subsidy from NLbif and in collaboration with Courbois Flora and Fauna Expert (ffexpert.nl) On observation.nl Aquila Ecology has used image recognition to determine which plants can be seen in these photos of all photos of 4 groups of insects. Aquila Ecologie developed a protocol and software for the recognition for this purpose. The main challenge was that on many photos no plant species is depicted or not recognizable. In the end it worked out quite well: about 1 – 6 % of the photos – depending on the insect group – yield a good prediction. With the butterflies, most of the predictions are correct. Dragonflies are often not photographed on recognizable plants. Certainly with flies and mosquitoes, it sometimes happens that the image recognition is confused by yellow-black colors. Ultimately, a dataset was generated with at least 200000 usable observations of combinations of insect species and plant species. The data is openly available, so feel free to email if you want to use it, stating the purpose.