Aquila Ecology has developed two apps: Identity Fly en BeeTerminate, two new image recognition apps specifically developed to identify Diptera (flies and mosquitoes) and Hymenoptera (bees, wasps and ants).

Our image recognition apps use machine learning models that have been trained with extensive datasets of insect images from Stichting Observation International ( As a result, we have achieved remarkable accuracy in identifying species within the respective insect orders. This makes IdentiFly and BeeTerminate valuable resources for professionals and wildlife enthusiasts interested in these insect groups.

We are aware that these apps are still in development and may still contain some bugs. We want to encourage our users to report any issues so we can further improve and refine the apps.

In addition to the apps mentioned above, we have also developed an app internally with which we can supplement our own plant database with specific images. This allows us to make even more accurate identifications and collect valuable data.

At Aquila Ecologie we are always open to innovation and collaboration. We continue to improve our apps and develop new tools that contribute to a better understanding of nature and the conservation of biodiversity. We invite enthusiasts, researchers and anyone with a passion for insects to explore our apps and join this exciting adventure.

With IdentiFly, BeeTerminate and our upcoming projects, we want to harness the power of technology to explore and protect the world of insects in an accessible way.