Responsible AI use

At Aquila Ecologie, we recognize the value and potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance our ecological understanding and drive positive change in the management and conservation of the environment. We are committed to developing, implementing and using AI technologies responsibly to ensure they contribute to sustainability, transparency and ethical practices.

  1. Purpose and value commitment: We strive to develop and deploy AI technologies with the aim of addressing environmental challenges and increasing our understanding of the ecological world. We are committed to ensuring the highest standards of quality, accuracy and reliability when using AI in our operations.
  2. Transparency and accountability: We will be transparent about the use of AI technologies and clearly communicate how they are applied in our environmental research and management practices. We strive to be accountable for the decisions and actions resulting from the use of AI.
  3. Privacy and data protection: We will handle the data and privacy of the data from our AI activities with care. We will take appropriate measures to protect data and ensure that it is treated in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
  4. Human involvement and responsibility: We recognize that AI tools and systems are tools that require human guidance, interpretation and responsibility. When using AI, we will always integrate human expertise and retain ultimate responsibility for the interpretation of results and decision-making.
  5. Sustainability and ethics: We will develop and use AI technologies in a manner that complies with ethical standards and with respect for human rights and the environment. We are committed to sustainable practices and minimizing negative impact on the environment where AI is always used by us as a tool.

Aquila Ecologie emphasizes the importance of drawing up clear rules and legislation to prevent the misuse of AI. As an advocate of responsible AI applications, we believe it is essential to harness the potential of AI without losing sight of the ethical and societal implications. With the rapid development and growth of AI technologies, it is imperative that robust guidelines and laws are implemented.

By establishing clear rules, we can ensure that AI systems are used in a way that is transparent, fair and responsible. These rules should include aspects such as privacy, data protection, discrimination and human responsibility. By preventing misuse and negative impact, we can increase trust in AI and promote its acceptance in society.

Aquila Ecologie advocates collaboration between policymakers, researchers, companies and other stakeholders to collectively create the regulations needed to maximize the benefits of AI and mitigate the potential risks. It is our belief that a balanced and informed approach will pave the way for the sustainable and responsible use of AI in the context of ecological research and conservation.

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